Identity and website for Revival is Survival

Dubplate Pearl of Camberwell Connection recently contacted us to help her with an identity and website for her Arts Council supported project Revival is Survival.

Revival is Survival
is an Arts Council supported project, showcasing mature women of a certain age from Windrush era parents who are playing music as DJs in their own right and also to show that life doesn’t stop at 40, 50 or even 60. They are out there doing their own individual thing in a male dominated industry.

It’s a journey of revival reggae from the 60s and 70s, with narratives featuring roots, ska, rocksteady and lovers, to experiment with other artistic disciplines, including creative writing and photography and fusing them with a playlist of music from these genres, collaborating with writers Jacqueline Crooks and Toby Broom aka ‘Mr Swing Easy’ who write about dub-reggae subculture and auto-fiction narratives.

Pearl not only wanted a visually befitting identity and website to showcase her Reggae based project, but also a website that she could easily update. Mission accomplished.

The project is being properly promoted in early 2022 so if you want to floss your ears with some fabulous reggae sounds click here to check out Pearl’s new website and keep an eye out for the dates of the live events.