Joanna Bloor – Avatar Creation and Campaign Development

Joanna Bloor is one of those people who inspires others. Following her smash hit TED talk in 2018 she has been in demand as a speaker and life coach across the United States. Fanatical about her brand, she contacted us for ideas to help develop and market a new online self improvement course. Comprising 28 downloads, the headlines for each chapter all featured the words YOU ARE, plus an individual keyword, her brand and self.

Taking inspiration from an image of her leaning against the giant TED characters we suggested that for this particular task an avatar of herself in conjunction with bold typography could well be a visually impactive, affordable and fun solution to employ with the added bonus of being able to utilise the graphics in other areas of her business should she wish to do so.

Working with renowned illustrator, Paul Daviz, an avatar of Joanna was created and a series of poses developed that allows the avatar to easily interact with the type in unique, colourful and visually pleasing ways, that also allows for an unlimited choice of layout and colour combinations.

The benefits of employing this particular creative solution not only allows for infinite type, pose and colour combinations but keeps the campaign, innovative, exciting, on brand and crucially… affordable!

The campaign has just been released in the US and the feedback has been overwhelming. The avatars and typeface have since been incorporated into the Joanna Bloor Brand Guidelines document and Joanna is already utilising the new graphics in her live performances.