The CEF – Implementing Energy Strategies in Healthcare Estates

What initially started life as a typical credentials brochure design project for the Carbon and Energy Fund (CEF), quite unexpectedly transformed into a concept with huge possibilities following a chance discussion with the presidents of IHEEM (Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management) and HEFMA (Health Estates and Facilities Management Association).

Both presidents mentioned the need for a detailed, easy to understand info graphic and reference guide that explained all the energy technologies and associated services available to health estates, that managers could use to help enlighten trustees and other key decision makers about the complexities and costs involved with energy infrastructure upgrade projects.

Spotting and responding to the opportunity, it was unanimously decided to develop the credentials brochure into what is now the strategy guide. But expanding the document by 100 pages did involve significant cost increases and not just in terms of writing, editing, design, artwork, printing and delivery.

The extra spend has, however, proved to be a sound investment and is already realising payback. With a foreword by Lord Carter of Coles adding further credibility to an already impressive document, there is: noticeable growth in CEF membership applications; ‘sticky’ projects are now coming on stream; and, the guide has been adopted as the definitive energy strategy publication within the healthcare estates sector.

But the story doesn’t end there. The health estates sector has not only praised the new guide for its’ in-depth content and writing style, but also highly commended its’ visual accessibility. Branded up in the minimalist CEF style, with easy access info graphics, charts and graphs the document has just been approved by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development for use within the sector for Continuing Professional Development. Another unexpected, but very welcome surprise.

The guide is currently available at